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Representative Office in the Federal Republic of Germany


The Representative office of Vnesheconombank in the FRG (Taunusanlage 1, 60329 Frankfurt) provides professional activity from 16 October 2007 on the permission of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdiensleistungsaufsicht (BaFin)). Nr.BA 15-k 5100-120489-2007/0001, in the accordance with the paragraph 53a of the federal credit matters law (Kreditwesengesetz (KWG)).

According to the status, the Representative office promotes to solve matters concerning the fulfillment of the functions of the "Bank of Development", presents the interests of Vnesheconombank in state authorities, non commercial organizations and core associations of the FRG and European international organisations. The office renders information, administrative and technical assistance of the participation of Vnesheconombank in the work of intergovernmental commissions and working groups, by the order of the management of Vnesheconombank. The Representative Office participates in the work of intergovernment commissions and working groups, establishes the contacts and keeps in touch with federal and local authorities, institutions and companies of FRG in the sphere of competence of the Representative office of Vnesheconombank.

The Representative office carries on the interbanks cooperation with german financial institutions, prepares the study and analyses and other economic information about the capital market, money-market developments and trends and banking legislation, that regulates the activity on financial markets, as well as of other matters of Vnesheconombank’s interest.

The office collects official business information about the financial conditions of companies, legal entity-residents of the FRG by the request of the structural departments of Vnesheconombank.

The Representative Office provides any commercial activity and operations.

The Representative Office is the Member of the Eastern Committee of German Economy (BDI) since March 2010.

The Representative Office is the Member of Association of Foreign banks in Germany since February 2008.

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