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Representative Office in the Federal Republic of Germany


The Supervisory board:

The Head of the Supervisory board:

Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime-Minister of the Russian Federation

The members of the Supervisory board:

Anton Siluanov, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government - Finance Minister of the Russian Federation
Konstantin Chuychenko, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government - Head of the Staff of the Government of the Russian Federation
Maxim Akimov, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government
Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government
Vitaly Mutko, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government
Andrey Belousov, Aide to the President of the Russian Federation
Maxim Oreshkin, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Igor Shuvalov, Vnesheconombank Chairman

The Executive Board:

Mikhail Kuzovlev, First Deputy Chairman – Board Member
Nikolay Tsekhomskiy, First Deputy Chairman – Board Member
Mikhail Poluboyarinov, First Deputy Chairman – Board Member
Alexey Ivanchenko, Deputy Chairman – Board Member
Andrei Klepach, Deputy Chairman (Chief Economist) – Board Member
Sergei Lykov, Deputy Chairman – Board Member
Svetlana Yachevskaya, Deputy Chairman – Board Member
Dmitry Kurdyukov, Deputy Chairman
Irina Makieva, Deputy Chairman
Artyom Dovlatov, Deputy Chairman
Sergey Wasiliew, Deputy Chairman
Vladimir Shaprinskiy, Deputy Chairman – Chief Accountant
Yuri Gazarian, Deputy Chairman
Marina Romanova, Deputy Chairman
Konstantin Chagai, Deputy Chairman
Andrey Moskovskikh, Deputy Chairman
Sergey Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman
Yury Korsun, Deputy Chairman
Alexey Miroshnichenkov, Deputy Chairman
Natalya Timakova, Deputy Chairman
Daniil Algulian, Deputy Chairman

The State corporation "Bank for development and foreign economic affairs (Vnesheconombank)", established 16 December 1924, with the Head office in Moscow, acts under the federal law "On Development Bank" Nr.82−FZ from 20.05.2007. The capital of the Bank belongs to the State. The Bank activity is controlled by The Supervisory board.

Vnesheconombank implements the state economic policy aimed on solving the tasks to overcome infrastructural barriers, obstacles of national development, the development of high technological industrial sector, the disclosure of innovation and producing potential of small and medium enterprises, the support of industrial production and service export, the upgrading of the efficiency in the natural resources using.

In the network of realization of the Federal law "On Development Bank" Vnesheconombank carries out its activity as an institution of development. The Bank terms of reference covers the rendering of the financial support of investment projects, being the priority for the economic development.

Vnesheconombank is an official agent of the government of Russian Federation in the internal and external currency debt administrating, the state financial assets, the facilities of the state pension Fund, issuance of the state guarantees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • CSR Strategy of Vnesheconombank
  • Sustainability reports
  • CSR textbook
  • Events in CSR
  • Participation in the UN Global Compact
  • Announcements

In its activity Vnesheconombank is governed by principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and this allows the Bank to act efficiently as a development institution. Implementing a wide range of initiatives in social, economic and ecological sectors Vnesheconombank is highly instrumental in accomplishing objectives of sustainable development and this is in line with national interests and contributes to increased prosperity of the society and environmental protection.

Objectives, missions and main lines of the Bank′s activity in corporate and social responsibility are set forth by Vnesheconombank′s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for a Period of 2012 – 2015 approved by Vnesheconombank′s Board.

In order to inform the public about the Bank′s activity in CSR, Vnesheconombank publishes reports on sustainable development on a regular basis. These reports are prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative. Vnesheconombank's report on sustainable development for 2010 was for the first time submitted for public hearings in which representatives of the Bank′s interested parties took part.

Vnesheconombank is active in promoting CSR principles in the business community. The Bank′s most noticeable initiative is that it holds an annual international conference "Investments in Sustainable Development".

The Bank also studies foreign financial and development institutions′ best practices in CSR, organizes trainings for the Bank′s employees, its subsidiary and partner institutions as well as representatives of the Russian financial sector and publishes methodological literature.

In 2011, Vnesheconombank joined the UN Global Compact, the largest international initiative in sustainable development which unites companies holding leading positions in CSR. Vnesheconombank′s participation in the UN Global Compact will enable it to build up its strategic potential to further improve sustainable development practices and promote CSR principles in the business community.


Standard & Poor´s
Long Term Foreign Currency Credit Rating BB+ Outlook: Positive
Assigned:  29.01.2015

Long Term Foreign Currency Issuer´s Default Rating     BBB-     Outlook:   Positive
Assigned:  16.01.2015

Long Term Foreign Currency Issuer Rating Ba1 Outlook: Stable
Assigned:  24.02.2015

Credit Rating AAA Outlook: Stable
Assigned:  12.07.2017

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